Linda Baumgardner

Linda Baumgardner is a college & career coach with a mission to help creative young adults find their true path forward. With her combined experience as an academic advisor and lighting designer she has a unique perspective to offer young people. It was such a joy working with Linda. Her background in lighting design and her love of the natural world were key influencers to the visual representation of her brand.

Linda's brand package included a primary logo, alternative logos & marks, color palette, typography selections, brand graphics & photography, and a brand style guide. Linda is currently developing her website.

Amanda is incredible to work with! This was my first experience working with a designer on my branding, she made it feel so easy, and through her designs she brought to life my vision so artfully. She is skilled at connecting and listening, ultimately capturing the essence of your messaging and helping you clarify it through her design. Amanda will be my first call for design projects as my business continues to grow, I highly recommend her!


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